Going to try on this one | 8-9-2015

Alright, this is straight up, like, the millionth blog I’ve had, but I’m gonna try to keep this one going. I have this fond feeling that somebody has found my past blogs, read them when I had no knowing of it, and have found enjoyment or inspiration in them.

Can I keep blogs anonymous? I’m gonna see if I can. I can just be more honest that way.

Anyways, I’m from the east, and just moved to the mid-west. I feel like it’s just part of a migration west, one which will take me a while but finish somewhere in the sands of the Pacific. We’ll see what happens.

I want to be a writer, and I’m trying to go for it. I just moved in with my brother, who’s not a reader, writer, or any sort of creative thinker, at least in the way I try to be. He’s great in his field, which is cars, but I sometimes get lost in explaining something from my time studying chemistry, or from a book I’m reading. It can be frustrating sometimes.

I had to drop out of school at the beginning of the year. Money problems made it too difficult for me to finish this year. Oh well, regardless, I’ll be back into it quite shortly, hopefully.

I’m trying to keep a thousand words a day, this intro blog does just that. I’ll keep you updated, world.

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