No Rest | 8-12-2015

My brother’s waking up to go to work. I’m still writing. I’ve been working on outlines and drafts all night, as well as reading up on running a freelance business. A lot of learning is happening, and a lot of skills are being developed. Things are looking good.

I just came to wonder, how many words do I type into search engines and script inputs online throughout the day? Can I add those to my writing log?

Sometimes I think the consistent insomnia I go through is going to mess me up later in life. 7 AM to noon just doesn’t work for me, unless I’ve been up since the night before. I’m pretty sure there are health problems that will come in effect from the habit of not having sleeping habits, but I’m not trying to ask my doctor or do too much research.

That’s just not a door I want to open right now. With the amount of debt I have hovering over my head already, I couldn’t stand having more anxiety coming from the hospital. Sometimes it feels like I need a benzo prescription to calm down, to keep me from going into an all-out panic. I don’t think I’m at that point yet, by a long shot.

My father has both narcolepsy and sleep apnea. I’ve got good reason to believe that I’ll someday get the same two diagnoses. He sleeps with an apnea breathing mask, which seems inconvenient and unattractive. I’m hoping there’s a more economical and practical alternative by the time I need something like that.

According to Reuters, a study in 2014 showed that young adults that experienced insomnia were eight times more likely to suffer a stroke than those with more normative sleep patterns. Well, shit.

I’m gonna crash, hopefully I wake up when it’s still light out. This will be a hard habit to break.



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