Pansexuality – What It Is, Why It’s Great | 8-13-15

The most inconvenient part of my sexual orientation is explaining it to other people. It’s enough of a long shot to expect people to be understanding and sensitive about bisexuality, but call yourself pansexual and you might as well be describing your childhood on Mars. Though it’s mostly unknown of by the general public, pansexuality is a lifestyle that seems to be growing in popularity, mostly because people are just now hearing of it.

The exact definition of “pansexuality” will differ dependent on who you ask. Merriam-Webster defines “pansexual” as “exhibiting or implying many different forms of sexual expression”. My personal definition is that pansexuality is the sexual orientation of not having a sexual orientation. A more specific description would be to say that pansexuals are attracted to people of all different types, regardless of gender identity or confirmations.

Basically, when you ask me what kind of person I’m into, my answer is “I don’t know and I don’t care to know.”

Pansexuals live without boxes and boundaries. For me, it’s mostly about being fluid, and going with the flow. I used to think I was bisexual, but in the end, I’m not really attracted to the female or male images themselves, and my heartstrings tend to get tugged harder by women. In the end, I’m attracted to hella hot people, whatever my definition is that day, hour, or moment. I have no idea whether the person I will fall in true love with will be a woman, a man, or someone inbetween, and I have no way of knowing.

So I stay open. I might prefer the female form, but who’s to say the perfect guy won’t come around? Being “pan” lets me throw away all the questions and worry that trying to define myself always seems to bring. I’ve got bigger things to worry about than who I’m going to be with right now anyways.

You keep being you, I’m gonna keep being me. Whatever those are, it’s all good.


– r.NW

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