Are You Liberal or Just Hip? | 8-27-15

Do you really think you’ll always be progressive? Do you really think you’ll never stop pushing forward? What happens when you finally get your goals done, get the world to be as you like it?

Do you really think it will stop changing?

There will come a day that progress will make you uncomfortable. Your goals and wishes for the country will have been reached, but the train will keep moving forward, past your destination. You may wonder why you ever got on a train headed toward progress.

Don’t just get off at your stop and try to slow the train down, waving your hands like a madman, yelling “enough is enough”!

Don’t get off the train. Keep riding. you don’t have to conduct it. You don’t have to serve the passengers tea. Just don’t derail the train. Don’t even slow it down, not even a bit. If you want, go to the caboose and look back at the destination you thought you’d never reach, and be proud that you made it this far.

I’ll be on the roof of the first car behind the engine, looking in wonder at where the tracks lead next.

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