On Inspiration | 8-12-15

I’m wary of the idea of drugs as a source of inspiration. I don’t think finding inspiration with help drugs is a bad thing or impossible, I just don’t think it’s the source of that inspiration.

It’s like me walking to St. Louis right now. I wouldn’t go there, especially by foot, unless some circumstance made it something I was obliged to do. Hell, it wouldn’t even occur to me to walk to St. Louis at this time, but if circumstances were drastic, I would start huffing it to Missouri.

Similarly, I don’t think drugs give people inspiration as much as they bring them to that inspiration. Psychoactives make people think about things and in ways that they regularly would not, and by doing so, they bring them into mental realms that they would not be in without them.

Drugs don’t inspire. Drugs bring inspiration. There’s a difference.

| 8-11-15

Flick. I just told myself that was my last cigarette. It’s probably not the last time I’ll tell myself that. Life’s been a bit of a drag lately, but hopefully I can turn this ship around. I’m gonna go for a long time dream and start a freelance writing career. It’ll take a lot of concentration on my part, but I’m confident that I can put out a quality product. I’m taking to the habit of writing at least 1000 words a day, which I read somewhere was where Hemingway sometimes lingered at, so it should be enough. How does Stephen King write seven pages a day? They can’t be 8″ x 11.5″ in a twelve-point font. That or I’m slow.

I’m trying to go for it, but what about those who aren’t. I think this millennial generation has some real issues with finding direction. Even the kids with college degrees are struggling to find work. It’s a tough job market, at least as I’ve experienced it. I worry a lot for myself, even though I have a pretty solid resume. I am stunted by the fact I didn’t get my degree, a B.S. in Chemistry, but I’ll be taking out (even fucking more) student loans to finish it up in the next year or two.

So I’m working on a novel and two short stories right now. I’ve started logging my words and hours daily, to observe patterns. Hopefully I can get a finished product out there, My goal is to have the novel finished before the end of November. I call it an “environmental dystopia”.