Have you ever known anybody who only ever asks you questions? My brother is that person for me. Sometimes it feels like all he has for me is questions, and all I do is answer them. They’re not opinions or ideas, but “how does this work” or “why is the world this way”, actual school questions.

It’s not that I don’t like informing my brother, but with my four years studying chemistry in college leveled next to his inattention in high school and two years at an automotive tech school makes me appear to him like an anthropomorphic Encyclopedia Britannica. I find myself reminding him daily that I’m not a damn search engine, and there’s one on his phone if he needs it. By no means do I think he’s unintelligent in any way, but he is absolutely not well read. Uninformed is a fitting title.


Is there an accepted format for writing the story/screenplay of a video game? I’m watching GTA V be played, and it’s amazing to me how they were able to tie together the three characters into such a wide-reaching story. The medium seems like something with a lot of creative potential.


A random car got sprayed by bullets while pulling onto the freeway not a minute away from my house. Great. Just great.

At least marijuana legalization is going to ballot in Ohio this November. Progress is growing closer.